Jesus, Mary and Dick Cheney! It’s hot in here!

August 18, 2007

All hopes that the AC would be working Friday were dashed. Cranky and irritable, the staff snapped at each other all day while endeavoring to deliver some level of customer service. As the idea of a busy Saturday with no AC blossoms in my mind this morning, I find myself grateful that we work in Tacoma, not Houston. We will manage. Looks like another busy day for Cutters Point and our iced green tea lemonade. Maybe I should stop at 7/11 and bring in a bag of ice. It might make up for my behavior yesterday and keep the staff from staging a coup. Yesterday Carrie suggested we all (nude and flushed from the heat) walk into the building manager’s office to impress upon him the urgency of this repair. The heat makes people crazy!


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