Salon temperature update

August 17, 2007

The temperature in the salon is set by the Harmon’s HVAC and is usually a pleasant 70 degrees year round. Wednesday evening a service technician changed the filters on the unit and Thursday it decided to go on strike. Imagine, if you will, four hairdressers, four clients and four blowdryers in a room with no AC. It was less than pleasant. I got a call from the Harmon’s manager this morning at 8:00 asking permission to access the salon to work on the unit. I am not sure if the issue has been resolved yet. When Carrie arrived at 9:00, she labeled the room “hot as Hell.” The weather man said it was going to rain today, but it’s beautiful and sunny at my home as of 10:00 AM. If the AC isn’t pulling its weight today, don’t be surprised if all the staff are in shorts and ponytails (except Jonathan who shaved his head yesterday!) Happy Friday!


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