Oh, there is something else we should mention!

August 5, 2009

Aura is auditioning for The Next Food Network Star!

The process goes like this:

Submit application, photos and video by mid-September.

Call backs will be October & November.

Filming of show is scheduled for January/February.

Since we have no way of knowing how many hundreds (or thousands!) of applicants attempt this,  the goal is to sparkle in the first round so that the application catches the judges eyes.

The first step to that is new photos (the last publicity photos were done for the book in 2005 and that is way too long ago to keep using!)

Yesterday was a photo session with an inspired local photographer, Jason Ganwich. He did a marvelous job of getting the real Aura Mae on camera.

Next step is the video. Some footage will be filmed at our Grand Opening Open House on August 22 ( “Aura as the Sparkling Hostess”) and then at home for a quick kitchen demo.  Still pondering what to demo…something easy and quick because it is only a 3 minute video!

If chosen to be on the show, Aura would be out of the salon for about 5 weeks. As luck would have it, January is traditionally a slower time in the salon and a great time to get away.  New York in January, however, sounds a little chilly!

We will keep you posted!  If you want the most timely info, add Aura Mae as a friend on Facebook.  (Lots of food photos there, too!)

Here are a couple of the pictures from yesterday.  We can’t speak highly enough about the photographer. Next time you need some professional shots for work or home, call the Fabulous Jason!

Oh, and if anyting comes of this and Aura gets an infusion of cash,  a fancy new stove is in her future!

And don’t worry. Even if she wins the whole thing and gets her own show, she will still be in the salon seeing clients!  Hosting a TV cooking show is not a full time, year round job requiring a relocation to New York! 🙂

Aura Food 2009

texas blackberries


4 Responses to “Oh, there is something else we should mention!”

  1. Lynnette Buffington Says:

    The pictures are awesome! He did a great job with and exciting subject!

  2. Gritty Says:

    Wow! Amazing pics. I love it! If I were a judge, I’d pick you in an instant!

  3. What a GREAT IDEA. I love it! I think you’d be amazing.

  4. this is a nice post.. worth reading and informative..

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