What’s new in the zoo?

August 3, 2009

Boy,  have we been busy! For starters, we have a new staff member. Say hello to Jennifer Strong next time you pop in. Her room is on the way to the Tasting room, so you can’t miss her!

And speaking of the Tasting Room, it is up and running and we have had two events now. All our wine and beer stock is shelved in there (except for a few items by the front desk.)  Each week we have a few featured wines available for sampling. Ask your hairdresser to take you back for a tasting!

2009 08 03 015

We are still slowly decorating, and we just got some sassy new couches for the Client Lounge (that’s the room with the window!)

2009 08 03 032

And since the wine is all in the back Tasting Room now, Aura’s room was mighty empty and she got a new sofa, too!

2009 08 03 031

One last thing: we are trying to have an ongoing gift with purchase deal (buy 4 bottles of wine and get a free tote bag.)

Here’s this week’s bag.

2009 08 03 049

You never know what will change before you come in next.  See you soon!


2 Responses to “What’s new in the zoo?”

  1. Abbyknitz Says:

    OMG, I want that bag!!!!!!

  2. blogzer Says:

    wow so interesting
    hey would you see my blog, i’ll waiting for you
    and comment me back ok !?

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