Big News from Azarra!

March 26, 2009



We have overgrown our current space and are moving into a larger space.  Same building, Same floor.  Heck, we’re still going to be Suite 210!

There are a few great things about this move about which clients and staff can both get excited.

We have a window!  No more peeking through the slits or walking out into the hall to see the weather!

Private rooms!  Each hairdresser can work in as tranquil a place as they like.  But don’t worry, the shampoo bowls and processing machines are in the common areas so there will be plenty of time to interact with other clients and staff.

Wine!  We have applied for a license to be a wine store.  I know you all are buying wine somewhere.  It may as well be from us.  Grab a bottle of shampoo and a bottle Chablis.  Efficient, no?  Hey, we are here to help.  Just for clarification: it is not legal for a salon to serve wine to their clients.  A wine store can do tastings if 50% of their retail sales come from the alcohol.  So, if you want to taste wine in the salon, buy lots of it and we can get to that 50% quickly.

The move will happen sometime in April.  We will start painting and moving things a bit at a time.  There may be a week or two when we are doing the hair in the new place, but walking back to the old space for the shampooing.  Moving the plumbing is the biggest task and we are at the mercy of the plumbers on the timeline.  There will be additional lighting installed, but that should be less of a chore.

We will keep you posted as each step happens.  Set yourself a bookmark for the blog (or subscribe) so you can be in the loop.  Of course, we will have a party when we get it all put together.

In the meantime, enjoy these Before photos.  We’ll post some During photos as we go along.  See you soon!















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7 Responses to “Big News from Azarra!”

  1. Kim Thompson Says:

    How cool is this?

  2. Kjersti Says:

    That is big news. I love the window. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Congrats!

  3. Mindy Says:

    Wow, Aura!!! How exciting; I can’t wait to see it this summer when we head West for a visit.


  4. Kris Says:

    Do the cute boys come with the space?

  5. This is AWESOME, congratulations!

  6. Michelle Ault Says:

    Its gonna be even greater then before! You have done my hair a handful of times and I am of course completely stoked with your work!
    My husband Jeff Ault owns Abel Elec. He said to let you know if you need any elec,phone,comp,cameras etc. He will give you or your other friends and family a kick butt deal.
    His # is (253) 921-0281. He is better then the best.

  7. Google Voice is an absolute lifesaver. The functionality that it offers is amazing, take for example the ability to have an out of state area code. I have invites if anyone wants one. Also I hope that Apple rethinks the Google Voice app, hwo could such an awesome program get killed by Apple?

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