Two things young women need to know about domestic violence

March 9, 2009

As the mother of a teenage daughter, I have watched the recent troubles with Chris Brown and Rihanna with a heavy heart.

Since I am terminally un-hip, I only know of Rihanna because she has cute hair and clients bring in pictures of her for inspiration.

I am old enough to know Tina Turner‘s story, and I have known enuogh women in my time to have heard stories of domestic violence.

Years ago I colored the hair of a family of blondes to make them a family of brunettes to decrease the chance that their abusive father would find them as they fled for their lives.

When you are young, you are handicapped by the lack of life experience that allows you so see patterns in life and human behavior. I know you don’t want to listen to us old hags because you think the world is different now than when we were young.  People, however, are the same.

Know this:

  1. If he hits you once, he’ll hit you again.
  2. If he says he’s going to kill you, he means it.
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4 Responses to “Two things young women need to know about domestic violence”

  1. I’ve been watching this story, too. When I read the excerpts from the police report, I was HORRIFIED. I am extremely glad the police are pursuing this. What angers me the most is how many (most men) people are stepping forward talking about how Chris Brown is a “good guy”.

    I’m sorry, but when we discover people who physically abuse their children we don’t think “Oh but they were such good people!”

  2. Whoops! *mostly men

  3. […] Two things young women need to know about domestic violence ( […]

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