Why we post photos

February 13, 2009


Yesterday I got a comment on the most recent Last week’s interesting hair expressing disappointment that only one of the photos was of a “good” color & cut.  At first I was defensive and irritated.  But after pondering it overnight, I decided that person was just looking for something different than what she found here.

The pictures we post are not intended for glossy style magazines.  Nor are they competition photos to impress the beauty industry.

We put up pictures of the day-to-day, real-world hair we do in the salon for two reasons:

  1. The clients get a kick out of being included.
  2. Potential clients get a chance to see what we really do.

Like many of the things we do in our salon, it works for us.  Other salons do beautiful photo shoots with models to post on their websites and print media.  But that isn’t us.  We are regular folk who do hair for regular folk.  While we occasionally get someone famous-ish in the salon, (remember Sanjaya’s sister?) most of the time the people in the salon are our friends and neighbors.

The work we do varies from classic to avante-garde as do the clients.  Again, that works for us.  This week we had a new client in the salon who chose us specifically because she saw such a broad range of work appear on this blog and she felt that we would be a safe, accepting place for her to visit.  (Believe it or not, some clients are intimidated by the very glossy PR of some larger, fancier salons.)

So, if we fail to excite or inspire you with the photos we post, we completely understand, but we aren’t going to change it.

We think of Azarra as an Improv troupe;  what happens at any given moment depends on who is in the salon.  It might be a drag queen, a novelist, a librarian or a great-grandmother.  And that’s the way we like it.  We hope you do, too.

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