What did Aura do this weekend?

November 11, 2008


Instead of my usual Sunday activity of family brunch, laundry and a nap, I spent 12 hours in Seattle at a photo studio next to the Seattle PI building.

Why would I do this, you ask?  For a friend.  I know.  You didn’t think I had friends, but I have a few.  (Criteria for being my friend: you must be able and willing to pretend my house is clean when you come over, and leave before I fall asleep.)

You may remember that last year I helped this same friend at his photo shoot.  He does this to enter a competition among hairdressers.  I am not interested in competing, but I don’t mind helping out.


I attend these events in a “jack-of-all-trades” capacity.  I might be doing hair, I might be holding lace for a makeup artist (this makeup was airbrushed) or I might be standing on set making sure that the model’s hair looks perfect even if the photographer has her jumping in the air.  It is almost non-stop for the entire day (for everyone except the models who do a lot of waiting.)


One thing that makes me nuts is when a client comes in with a magazine photo and says “Why can’t my hair look like this?”  Well, you see, that model has a bunch of additional hair added, she might have a piece of mesh on the back of her head pushing all the hair forward, and there is someone standing just out of the frame making a thousand little adjustments between flashes.


These are the tools I have with me while on the set.  If a hair sticks up, I try to smooth it down, but if it won’t go, I snip it.  In my back pocket is a wide toothed tail comb and a can of hairspray.  The process is anything but glamorous!

You can see more of my backstage photos on Flickr.

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4 Responses to “What did Aura do this weekend?”

  1. jessee skittrall Says:

    Aura, I know I did not say it enough but thank you for helping, you are invaluable. You have a great ability to think ahead of me and your delivery with no bullshit is great! I owe you a dinner out and a bottle of wine. I know it is not enough. Much Love. Jessee

  2. Aura Mae Says:

    @Jessee: Imagine how much this would have cost you if you had to pay me, too! Happy to be able to help. 🙂 Now, about that wine…

  3. Kjersti Says:

    Love the tools you keep with you! I couldn’t stop staring at the lace makeup. It freaked me out. So much fun. It would be a kick to go out of the house looking like that and just capture the stares people would give.

  4. jessee skittrall Says:

    I am thinking a bottle of La Crema Pinot Noir unless you ave a specific request. I was also thinking about dinner at the lovely restaurant overlooking Tacoma built on the cliff. I cannot remember the name, went there with Sally. THoughts?

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