Counterfeit flat irons?

October 5, 2008

A client who has moved to Hawaii emailed me asking which flat iron we suggested.  We have used many different irons over the years and our current favorite (by a long shot!) is the GHD.  The comapany makes a number of different models.  I think the highest priced models are a bit of overkill for the home user, so I suggested that she purchase one of the low to mid-range models.

She looked around online and was startled by the price.  Then she found one on ebay for a great price and snatched it up.

Here is the story in her own words.

Now I have a bit of a story that goes with my GHD.  I started looking at how expensive the irons were, so I decided to have a look on EBay.  They were still expensive, but not nearly as expensive as I saw at Sephora.  I looked at the feedback and it was good, so I made the purchase.  The iron arrived and immediately I contacted the seller.  It did not appear to be authentic.  I went to the GHD website and entered the sell by date.  It wasn’t valid.  I then contacted GHD and went over the other things about the iron confirming it was counterfeit.  Counterfeit flat irons, I had no idea there was such a thing.  I then contacted PayPal.  It turns out the seller bought a bunch of them on EBay and didn’t confirm the authenticity, which is very easy to do, and resold them on EBay.  PayPal will give me a refund, but I have to pay to ship the item back to the seller which is not cheap going from Hawaii to New York.  I was able to give the seller information to GHD and they have been in contact with me a lot regarding the counterfeit.  It turns out there is a big market for these and they catch on fire and the plastic has even melted into people’s hair.
I am not sure why I didn’t think to check the wholesale beauty shop where I have an account.  I drove down there today and bought the iron and I am in love with it. I did save some money, but with the cost to ship the counterfeit back, I will not have saved as much as I could have.  It just goes back to that saying that if it is too good to be true, it probably is.
I love how hot it gets.  I bought the pink one with the black plates and pink roll bag.  Cute, fun, and it works so great!
This client was able to get her iron at a wholesale beauty supply because she is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist.  For those of you who are looking for a great iron and a safe buying experience and do not have such access, I recommend purchasing from a trusted online merchant like Sephora.
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2 Responses to “Counterfeit flat irons?”

  1. Kjersti Says:

    Thanks for posting this Aura. I hope it will save others from making the mistake I made. I love that you are still my go to person when I need an answer to a question even though I live so far away. See how much I trust you.

  2. gerry kelly Says:

    We hear of people falling foul to fake ghd straighteners every day. The current cost of a pair of ghd IV stylers is ~£100 (GBP) and £120+ for pink or the limited edition stylers (such as the dark or pure) if ANY website or ebay seller is selling them for prices of around £50 you can be sure of one of two things. Either they are fake, or… they are fake. no one sells them at that sort of price. Wholesale prices arent even that low. Avoid ebay or fly by night websites and only purchase from an authorised ghd retailer.

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