Even artificial blondes have more fun!

September 28, 2008

Hair coloring

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As a hair chameleon, I can tell you first hand that the world treats people very differently based on their haircolor (whether inherited or created.)  I also have observed that if you are getting lots of positive feedback from the world, it is easier to be confident. (We’ve talked about that here before.)

Courtesy of the Daily Mail, we have info on new research (sponsored by Clairol, don’t you know!):

To dye for: Blondes really do have more fun as study reveals women with lighter hair have more confidence

By Fiona Macrae
Last updated at 2:22 AM on 24th September 2008

It has long been reckoned that blondes have more fun – but now they are thought to be more confident and amorous too.

Scientists claim their research shows that bleaching hair does wonders for a woman’s self-image.

They feel more attractive, more likely to ask someone out on a date and become more adventurous in the bedroom.

Read the rest here.

I would love to hear your stories of how haircolor changed your life.

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4 Responses to “Even artificial blondes have more fun!”

  1. Kim Thompson Says:

    As a life long brunette (sometimes a little lighter, a little redder, or a little darker), I’ve always been thought of as the “stable” friend, etc. I am the girl you settle down with, the girl you marry, the reliable girl, the girl that will make your life whole.

    Now, as far a blonde goes, you know, I am so dark (I’m Hawaiian) blonde hair would look ridiculous on me. In fact, super stupid, so that’s not been a choice.

    Aura, you know me, and my coloring–prove me wrong?

    Ever Grateful to Aura and Azarra,


  2. Aura Mae Says:

    @Kim: The “stable” label is only a problem if you feel it doesn’t suit you!

    I am a fan of hair color reflecting the true inner self. But I do think that everyone should try to have “lighter” hair than is normal for them at least once to see if they perceive a difference in the way the world treats them.

    Some people like the difference and some can’t wait to go back to their more somber shade.

  3. Kris Says:

    I can’t pull blonde off. Even with Aura’s special touch. Thankfully, I don’t want to. I will go all gray before I go all blonde.

  4. Kjersti Says:

    I will say that I always had more attention when my hair was blonde. I am in the ocean and the sun all the time, so having dark hair just doesn’t work. I stick with blonde highlights and even I get a lift just from my blonde highlights. Not sure why. Now if I had the courage to have short hair, I would keep my hair blonde all the time 🙂

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