Last week’s interesting hair

September 18, 2008

Hair by Jonathan

Hair by Jonathan

Hair by Jonathan

Hair by Jonathan

Jonathan is having fun playing with the Blue Elumen this week.  I think every one is going to get a piece.

While he was playing in the crayon box, I was doing a practice session for a bride.  We colored her hair a shade she calls “reindeer brown” because it matches a stuffed animal her child got for Christmas.  I usually equate colors with food, so where she sees “reindeer,” I see coffee.  Color is a very personal experience, no?

As I do more photography in the salon, I have decided to upgrade to a little better camera.  Nothing crazy, just a little higher quality point and shoot.  (I don’t pretend to be a good enough photographer to spend $700 on a DSLR.)  The one thing I feel my tiny travel friendly camera (what I have been using for all the photos you have seen over the past year) is that it makes colors “prettier” than they are.  It makes it hard to do accurate “before” pictures.  The new camera has a way to set colors to Vivid or Neutral.  I have set it to Neutral and will be taking it to the salon for the first time today.  Wish me luck!

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