You call that pink?

September 17, 2008

A diagram of the EM spectrum, showing the type...Image via Wikipedia

You may have been in the salon when the hairdressers are debating the interpretation of a particular shade of blonde.  “It’s a bit orange.”  “No, I really think it’s gold.”  “Get a piece of white paper so we can compare it.”

Yup.  We are color geeks.  A client made a comment about her red purse and we all instantly began giving our opinion of what color the purse was.  Orange.  Salmon.  Adobe.

In the spirit of your hair color geeks, I have an article to share with you about Pink and how our brain makes it up.  Enjoy!

The light spectrum has a colour missing because it does not feel the need to ‘close the loop’ in the way that our brains do. We need colour to make sense of the world, but equally we need to make sense of colour; even if that means taking opposite ends of the spectrum and bringing them together.

Read the rest of the article here.

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One Response to “You call that pink?”

  1. Wendy Bird Says:

    I love the scientific. Wonder what it means that pink and green are the two colors associated with the heart chakra and is that esoteric or scientific?

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