Dinner with ingredients from the farmers market

August 20, 2008

I picked up some feta cheese and free range chicken (among other goodies) today and tried some new things.

Slice the chicken breasts into inch wide strips and sprinkle them with pre-blended dried Greek Seasoning (oregano, spearmint, onion, sea salt, etc.)

Place in oven-proof skillet with 2 cups of chicken stock. (I used the other 2 cups to make the rice 🙂 )

Place pan in 350° oven for 10 minutes or so.  (The chicken will not be thoroughly cooked yet.)

Place skillet on burner and transfer chicken (shake off excess liquid) into a different preheated lightly oiled skillet.

Cook until chicken is golden brown and delicious. (Don’t over-cook!  Remember it is already half done.)

Boil broth and drippings in first pan while chicken is browning.  (liquid will reduce)

Make a beurre manié with 2 tablespoons flour and butter.

Whisk into reduced liquid in pan.

Add 1 cup half and half and whisk thoroughly.

Turn burner to medium low and crumble in a handful of feta cheese.  The smallest crumbs will melt, while larger pieces will provide a pleasant chunky texture.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Voila´! A lovely feta cream sauce!

Spoon over chicken.  I served it with rice, but it would be equally lovely with some wide noodles.

You may be asking yourself why I bothered with cooking the chicken in the broth in the first place.  I have an answer:  I wanted a base for the sauce!  I could have made the sauce with all the same ingredients in a saucier but without the addition of the chicken drippings I think it would have been less flavorful.  I also think braising the chicken in the broth adds some flavor and moisture to the meat.  Now, I am not a trained chef.  I am a simple home cook who likes tasty food.  My logic and reasoning may be way off-base.

Feel free to explain the science of anything I have stated in error.  It will help me be a better cook!

See you at the market next week!

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2 Responses to “Dinner with ingredients from the farmers market”

  1. Jessee Skittrall Says:

    leave it to a southern woman to know how to make good flava!

  2. garoot Says:

    Sorry, but it looks like an alien vomitted on some chicken.

    I’m sure its beautiful though.

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