Best of Tacoma – Weekly Volcano

August 8, 2008

GNU-FDL License by author Mike LaneImage via WikipediaThe results are in. We are thrilled to announce that Aura Mae (that’s me) won Best Haircutter for the second year in a row! (Thanks to all of you who voted!)

There are also lots of interesting “Best of” items like Best Reason to Live in Tacoma and Best Eyesore. It is an interesting issue. If you didn’t pick up a paper copy last week, you can check it out online.

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4 Responses to “Best of Tacoma – Weekly Volcano”

  1. WOOHOO!! That’s because you are the bomb! But seriously, not the best colorist? Those creations are art!

  2. @Hayden The Volcano doesn’t have a Best Colorist category. The irony (crap! I never trust that I am using that word correctly.) is that I am a Sassoon trained hair cutter but have developed my career as a color specialist. It feels good to have my cutting skills admired instead of seen as an afterthought.

  3. Kjersti Says:

    That is why I loved you. You could do both color and cut. So many places I have found that one person is better at the cut than the color, so I have to make two appointments and then at times I stick with just one person in order to not make them feel bad all along wishing the other person was doing the other service. You are the bomb Aura!

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