Adventures in corrective color

August 8, 2008

Some people manage to successfully use at-home haircolor to achieve good results. Sometimes, the adventure goes awry. When those people come to salon to have the haircolor fixed, we do our best to make them look better than when they walked in. We spend lots of time asking questions and then we map out a plan to get them where they want to be. Sometimes it all happens in one day, and sometimes it takes a few visits over a few months to get them there. (Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.)

At Azarra Salon, it is very important to us to not trash the hair in the pursuit of the ideal color. If I get it the color you want, but it breaks off when you comb it, what the hell is the point?

Yesterday we had a new client come in because she had used Clairol Perfect 10 (my new least favorite at home haircolor product) and her hair had turned inky black on the parts that were previously lightened. Lucky for us she had short hair and only needed it to be brown, not blonde. (Thank God for clients with reasonable expectations!) It was a stressful couple of hours, but we were all content with the end result.





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