Wow! That’s hot! What color is it?

July 31, 2008

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Sometimes when we talk to laypersons (non hairdressers) we discover that they have no idea that changing from one color to another requires more thought and effort than simply dumping on the desired new shade.  Or our clients tell us stories of strangers who will ask them “What color is on your hair?” so that they can go and purchase a box of that shade.  If only it were that simple.

We do our best to educate the outside world on the intricacies of our craft. Haircolor is an art and a science.  There is chemistry impacting the physical fibre that is the hair and a skilled colorist can anticipate what is going to happen as well as correct unfavorable outcomes.  That is why you pay us instead of doing it in your bathroom.

Say hello to our dear friend Kris Blondin. (You know that it is our general policy not to identify clients on the blog, but Kris has a visible online presence and is never publicity shy.) You may remember her from one of our ” Last week’s interesting hair” posts.

When we last saw Kris, her hair was much darker. (Not to mention longer!)

Beehive for Zoobilee

Beehive for Zoobilee

To take Kris from her deep brown based color we first had to decolorize the hair.  That means removing some of the artificial pigment and lightening the natural pigment (chemical lighteners break up the hair’s melanin and diffuse it so that light travels through and our eyes sees it as lighter.)

Once we had made the hair light enough that the new color would be able to be seen, we applied our desired shades in an alrtful pattern.

Placement of Elumen shades in foil

Placement of Elumen shades in foil

Haircolors are naturally deeper and cooler at the scalp, so our color at the base is equal parts dark brown and pure red (Elumen NB@4 and RR@all.)  On the lengths of the hair, one side is pink (Elumen PK@all) and one side is yellow (Elumen YY@all)  Wher the colors meet, an additional shade is created.

  1. Pink
  2. Pink mixes with brown and red
  3. Brown and red
  4. yellow
  5. yellow mixes with brown and red
  6. pink mixes with yellow

Each foil has a slightly different pattern.  the yellow may be just at the tips, or may be a chevron shape into the pink, etc.  When it is all done, here is the fabulous end result.  We will keep Kris this shade for 3-6 months.  For maintenance, we will apply the brown red at her re-growth each month.  When she tires of this shade, we will go through the process again to create something new and exciting.

Hair by Aura
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8 Responses to “Wow! That’s hot! What color is it?”

  1. Amber B. Says:

    one word…. amazing…

  2. eve Says:

    I found this site when I was doing a search for elumen to see if I could find anyone in the UK using it for bright colours… no luck at all! I wish I lived in the states so I could come to your salon 😦 I’ve thought about trying to just buy the dye and use it myself, but I don’t really know what shades to use so it would probably go totally wrong…

  3. Abby Says:

    Oh crap! I want that hair, too!

  4. My poor little Abby. Can’t decide between peaches and cream blonde and peace-pop orange-pink? Or do you want the actual hair because it is thicker than yours?

  5. Abby Says:

    Well, let’s put it this way: I’m ready for a change. We’ll talk 🙂

  6. I did some research and found a London salon that does Elumen. Purism is in North London, in an area called Barnet. Happy Elumen!

  7. […] Wow! That’s hot! What color is it? […]

  8. John Says:

    Awful. I love Elumen, and was googling the web to look around. This was not only ugly, the foil work is messy and very newbie.

    Hope you get better at it with practice.

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