Aura’s weekend in Ft. Worth

July 30, 2008

View from the 39th floor

View from the 39th floor (bonus points if you can see me in the reflection)

Want to see the before and after shots of the models? Click here to view them.

I was deep in the heart of Texas this weekend talking to some hairdressers about Kadus haircolor. I love teaching, but I gotta tell ya’, this flying thing has become tedious and downright painful. I am pretty good at booking my own flights, but on this trip, someone else took care of the travel arrangements. I was less than thrilled. I had a non-stop Seattle to Dallas on Alaska (no luck upgrading to first class, but at least they have the little personal movie machine you can get for $5.) But the trip home was some kind of endurance test. I left Dallas at 7:45 on American and went through LAX (one of my least favorite airports!) The fun part (yes, that is sarcasm you detect) was that when I landed in LA it was on American at terminal 4 and I was flying out of there from terminal 3 on Alaska. It took me two bus rides on the tarmac to get to terminal 3 and when I got there, I had to climb up a flight of stairs. Outside. In the dark. Alone. With my luggage. (Hey, Travel One, what were you thinking?)

Travel drama not withstanding, it was a good show. It was hosted by Salon Source (the local Kadus distributor) at the Ft. Worth Petroleum Club. Boy howdy; now that was a venue. I have nothing but lovely things to say about the staff there and the staff of Salon Source. I was treated well and the show was great. No complaints.

I tried to see my brother while I was in town, but our schedules just didn’t line up. Hope to have better luck in Houston with the other brother in August.

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2 Responses to “Aura’s weekend in Ft. Worth”

  1. I love the blonde faux-hawk.

  2. Aura Mae Says:

    Faux-hawks are all the rage!

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