Last week’s interesting hair

July 26, 2008

Hair by  Aura

Hair by Aura

When this client came into the salon, her plan was for brown and black panels.  While the foils of were in  for pre-lightening, Jonathan declared the brown and black idea to be boring.  By the time the foils were out, the client had changed her mind and decided on pink.  She has naturally quite dark hair, but it had been previously colored.  The pink was applied in foils and the hair around it was tinted black.  Her curly hair has been flat ironed.

Hair by Aura

Hair by Aura

This client is no stranger to Elumen.  I believe this is her third or fourth time having it.  She has very curly hair that has been flat ironed.  Her color has Red and the new Yellow as well as some dark brown.  Sometimes the challenge with repeat customers is to do something similar, but different.  She works in a fairly traditional field and doesn’t want her hair to be the thing people remember about her.  The great thing about haircolor is the opportunity to do everything from subtle to starlting depending on your whim.

Hair by Aura

This client had been talking about doing some pink for months.  She finally got the nerve.  Then she wondered if she should go to her 30 year high school reunion this weekend even though she was “old and fat.”  I told her everyone would be old and fat and she would be sassy and adorable.  My uncle Myron (my family’s black sheep) told me once that he never for a second regretted a single thing he had done, but there were things he regretted not doing.  Better to go and have a lousy time but get some good stories to share than to not go and wonder how it would have been.  Besides, I hear the 30 year is the best,  People are over the need to impress.  They are just happy to be alive!

Hair by Jonathan

Hair by Jonathan

This client sat down and said: “I want a little pink.”  Two days later she called back and said: “I want more!”

Hair by Jonathan

Hair by Jonathan

Happy to be of service!

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3 Responses to “Last week’s interesting hair”

  1. Kjersti Says:

    I love the pink and black. If I was allowed to wear color that was not natural to work, I would so do that. How fun.

  2. I’m so inspired! I might just do this.

  3. My personal rule of thumb for haircolors and work is it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. Some people just can’t imagine that some pink in your hair would be pretty until they see it. Now, a bleached and pink fauxhawk is probably a bit much if you work in a bank, but the girl with the pink bangs from a couple of weeks ago works in a library and her boss loves it. Remember, color can whisper, speak or scream. How loud do you want it?

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