Keratin hair straightener test

July 22, 2008

Carrie's natural curl

Carrie's natural curl

Our good friend Jessee Skittrall told us that this new, non chemical hair straightener was amazing.  Not only does it not cause damage to the hair, the protein treatment actually conditions!  We would never try something on you that we hadn’t tried ourselves, so our test subject is our very own Carrie Martin!

As you know, Carrie is our curly hair specialist.  She has very fine hair with a strong defined curl.  She has kindly volunteered to be the guinea pig for you.  We will post photos of her hair every week so you can see the life cycle of this service.

Here is what is supposed to happen:

The hair is prepped for the procedure with a special shampoo and dried.

The special keratin solution (which smells like coconut suntan oil) is applied thoroughly but sparingly from scalp to ends.

The solution is allowed to set and then is dried into the hair.

A screaming hot flat iron is used to meticulously smooth and polish each strand.

That’s it.  You go home with straight hair and don’t wash it (or pin/clip it) for 72 hours.

The treatment lasts 3-5 months and will slowly return you r hair to its original condition.

We imagine that it it grows out and ages off at about the same rate, so we don’t anticipate an obvious regrowth of curly hair at the scalp like traditional relaxers.

Check back here for updates.  Or, look over to your right under the calendar and click “subscribe to Get Some Hairapy by email” and all the updates (plus whatever else I have to say) will magically appear in your inbox.

By the way, it takes a long time to perform this procedure. Plan on 3-6 hours.  Yup. You heard me.  Oh, and while you are planning, plan on $300-$600, too.  (We take credit cards!)  Want to get it now? Make your appointment online here. The amount of time needed varies depending on the length and density of the hair as well as the tightness of the natural curl.  Carrie’s hair took 3 hours.

Carrie after keratin straightener

Carrie after keratin straightener

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23 Responses to “Keratin hair straightener test”

  1. Jessee Skittrall Says:

    WOW! look at that sexy mama! Loving it I am excited to see the evolution of this hair! Love Ya!

  2. Kjersti Says:

    Oh I wish I didn’t know that existed. Well, then again I should be glad I live in HI, so I don’t have access to that service. You know I would be standing in line at any cost to have that done to my hair 🙂

  3. geardiary Says:

    Her hair is gorgeous either way. But of course, since I have straight hair, I would kill for her curls. Isn’t it funny how we always want what we don’t have? 😉

  4. Aura Mae Says:

    @Kjersti: I am thinking that in Hawaii you would be better off enjoying your bountiful curls!

    @geardiary: Ah yes, the desire for change…the human need that pays my mortgage…

  5. […] 26, 2008 As I told you earlier, there is a 72 wait before your first shampoo after having the Keratin Straightener.  Carrie […]

  6. Kjersti Says:

    I know, I know. I wore my hair curly the other day and people kept saying they liked my perm. Too funny. Living in HI and working where I work, it really doesn’t matter if my hair is curly or straight. It is always tied in a pony tail. The problem with that is my hair keeps breaking where the rubber band is. In my dream world, I have straight hair. lol.

  7. marjorie Says:

    I have fine shoulder length, color treated hair. Is Keratin for me? Will it add fullness?

  8. marjorie Says:

    I have fine shoulderlength, color treated hair. Is Keratin for me? Will it add fullness? MJ

  9. After reading through the article, I just feel that I really need more info. Could you share some resources please?

  10. Allison Says:

    Just read on internet that this hair treatment can cause cancer. Is this true? I believe it was on CNN.

  11. Allison Says:


  12. Aura Mae Says:

    From what I understand, the original Brazilian Keratin straighteners have a high level of formaldehyde (which is carcinogenic.) The product we use is FDA tested and approved safe for use in US salons.

  13. Ben Says:

    Wow so cool.
    Is it safe or accepted for guys to do this.
    I wanna grow my hair out super long because im a hispter now but i wnat it really straight.
    how much does this cost like 200 dollars?

  14. Aura Mae Says:

    No problem doing this on a guy. Cost is based on the hair, so if you have less of it, the cost is less. We charge $100/ hour, so $200 would probably be a safe bet for short to mid-length guys’ hair.

  15. IRMA CINTRON Says:

    My Grandaughter just had he hair done paid $400 waited 3.5 days and washed it Boy were we disappointed her hair was still curly. We have no idea why it did not work she has long fine curly hair she is 1/2 Hispanic and 1/2 Afo American. Any suggestions?

    • Keep in mind that keratin treatments are smoothing treatments and are not straightening treatments. All of them are designed to smooth the hair and illiminate frizz, so you can wear your hair curly and there is no frizz(awesome) or you can wear your hair straight without breaking a sweat round brushing and flat ironing it. I’ve used this system in my salon and the Brazilian Blowout Keratin smoothing system. Both are good, but I personally found the Brazilian Blowout to be better and last longer. As far as the concerns that they cause cancer, Salon Today had a great write up about the safety of all the keratin treatments that was very informative. All of the keratin treatments contain formalin (boy I hope I spelled that right), which is a liquid form of formaldehyde and is approved by the FDA. However, when you flat iron the hair, the liquid turns into a gas, thus creating formaldehyde. I personally feel the most danger in this is the stylist who is inhaling the product over and over again while doing this procedure. I have chosen to educate my staff and clients beforehand and use proper ventilation. Keep in mind that a lot of products you use everyday contain small traces of formaldehyde.I’m not trying to minimize the importance of safety, but I will tell you my research shows that all of these products DO contain a level of formalin, regardless of what some of them may tell you. They can all brag “no formaldehyde” because technically there is none until it is heated up by the flat iron. Hope this helps!

  16. Melissa Says:

    I don’t recommend this type of straightening treatment, they use harmful chemicals that can severely damage the hair, that’s why I prefer the flat iron which is safer and cause less damage, I use a good one, it’s the Karmin G3 Salon Pro that has tourmaline ceramic plates which leaves the hair soft, shiny, healthy and very straight.

  17. Mary Says:

    I love pin straight hair but I don’t like chemicals, are too damaging for hair. I prefer straighten my hair with the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it works pretty good, removes static and leaves my hair silky and shiny, and it’s less damaging than chemical treatments.

  18. Lynette Says:

    What is the brand of this product? And where can it be purchased? I am licensed in WI.

    • Aura Mae Says:

      This was Keratin Express from Coppola. I believe they self-distribute. We have switched to GK Hair since these tests and they also self-distribute. You should be able to find both companies easily.

  19. Dawn Says:

    I am a cancer survivor and taking chemotherapy oral is this a sage product considering I can’t use any chemicals

  20. Hello, everything is going sound here and ofcourse
    every one is sharing facts, that’s in fact fine, keep up writing.

  21. dedoossegef3 Says:

    Not only does it not cause damage to the hair, the protein treatment …

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