Don’t be afraid of color – Part 3

July 10, 2008

Pink hair from Azarra

Pink hair from Azarra

So, this may come as a surprise, but we are not the only salon with a blog!

Vain, a funky salon in Seattle does.  Like us, they like working with fun colors.  Today I read a guest post written by one of their clients about how she balances a professional career and pink hair.

Check it out!

Here are a few shots of some of the work we have been doing in the salon lately.

Fauxhawk by Jonathan

Fauxhawk by Jonathan

I've never really chnaged the color of my hair

Before: I've never really changed the color of my hair

Do you think anyone will notice?

After: Do you think anyone will notice?

I really thought I wanted to be blonde, but...

Before: I really thought I wanted to be blonde, but...

...but this is so much more fun!

After: ...but this is so much more fun!


6 Responses to “Don’t be afraid of color – Part 3”

  1. Joni Says:

    Hey, was that first photo the red/pink/yellow hair woman you were telling me about? 🙂

    – Joni

  2. Kim Thompson Says:

    I think the pink-haired gal, first pic, looks great. That color looks pretty cool on her. Love the hair cut on the dark haired girl who went color wonderful. You may need to cut my hair off like this. Not NOW though. I am not ready to part with my long hair!

  3. I LOVE that PINKIE RED HAIR! Tell Carrie, I WANT that color!

  4. Heidi Willow Says:

    I am the woman in the first photo with the pink hair and the color is still fading great. Before this my hair has been streaked with blue, purple, and red. I go to the salon about once every month and let Jonathan and Aura play with color. I’m never disappointed.


  5. Faith Says:

    What was the first girl’s original hair color? It seems that allot of the pictures with impact hair color are folks who start our with a dark natural. I’d love to see more examples of blondes who ramped it up!

    Vain is a highly overrated salon, I can say this because I had my hair done there a few times when I lived in Seattle. They are proably good at impact color, but if anyone comes in wanting something more natural, they mess it up. I have a coworker who had this experience just a month ago, and I had the same experience years ago. What I love about you skills is that you are really good at both, and that you bridge the gap between the traditional and the cutting edge color.

  6. Heidi Willow Says:

    The gal in the first phone (me) has naturally brown hair but Jonathan tells me that most of it is gray now. I bribe him to keep that fact a secret.

    For the past two years I’ve probably had ever color in my hair, I walk into the salon and place my hair in the hands Aura and Jonathan. I get comments everywhere I go and and have never walked out of the salon with a style I did I like. During this time I’ve had dark red hair but over the last two months we have been bleaching it blonde. My base color right now is very, very blonde. It took over six hours to get my hair this blonde and this pink.

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