Just when I think I am pretty fabulous

July 7, 2008

Sometimes a client comes in and I start telling a story and they say “I know.  I read it in the blog.”  And some times I say something about the blog and the client looks at me like I’ve grown three heads.  “What’s a blog?”

I saw this cartoon today and not only did it make me laugh, it reminded me that while I might be “famousish,” not everyone finds me fascinating.

Doug Savage

Doug Savage

Zemanta Pixie

3 Responses to “Just when I think I am pretty fabulous”

  1. Oh but you ARE fabulous! (That cartoon is a riot.)

  2. Aura Mae Says:

    You are pretty fabulous yourself, missy!

  3. natalie Says:

    ok…can i just tell you i heard that exact phrase from my mother! actually she told me that i talk too much in person as it is so reading my blog would be like listening to me talk more. seriously. i started to laugh and then thought of all the bad things i could say about my mom on my blog…since i am certain she will never read it!

    fiesty charlie linked you on her latest post and i’m glad. you are funny!

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