Finally, a Farmer’s Market I can attend!

June 24, 2008

Courtesy of Ed’s Diner

I hear the Proctor Farmer’s Market has lots of food (ingredients, not prepared) items, but it is Saturday and you know where I am on Saturdays.  There is one downtown on Thursdays, but in the middle of the day.  I don’t have a scheduled lunch hour (hairdressers every where are laughing now…lunch hour…ha ha ha!)

So, much to my delight I hear we have another market on the horizon.  Tuesdays.  In the evening.  When people are off work.  And it’s right in my neck of the woods at 6th and Pine (Starbucks, Engine House, Masa, etc.)

And, even better, I hear it will be lots of food type vendors and fewer flowers and crafts.  (No, I have nothing against flowers and crafts, but I like food better!)

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Read more about it (and the cheese lady in the picture) here.

And get more specifics from the offical 6th Ave Farmer’s Market website here.


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