A personal journey through the world of online dating – Updated

June 16, 2008

I don’t think that anyone necessarily plans to be alone and lonely; sometimes it just happens. Perhaps it’s because they got caught up in a career race, or they live somewhere with a limited dating pool. Maybe they’ve been dating the wrong person, they’re divorced, or perhaps it’s because they have simply postponed couplehood until nearly everyone they know is paired up, and the ones who aren’t simply don’t look appealing. However it happens, there comes a day when as satisfying as being a singleton may have been, they suddenly realize that they…are lonely.

My friend Judie at Gear Diary is doing a series about online dating.  She is a grown woman, with a grown child, and a growing business.  She would like to have some companionship, as would, I am sure, many of you.

She has published the first in a five part series. This one is about how she is choosing which service to use.

Part 2 is about writing your profile. (I will add links to the remaining posts as I get them.)

Part 3 is about the do’s and don’t’s of actual dating.

My favorite online dating comment is from a client.  She sent an email to eHarmony after having used their service for a few months.  It went something like this:

I did as you asked.  I filled out all the forms and was completly honest.  I am pretty sure I told you that I am really shallow and that looks are improtant to me.  Why do you keep sending me ugly men?

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7 Responses to “A personal journey through the world of online dating – Updated”

  1. Amber B. Says:

    I met my husband 9 years ago on Yahoo personals. I have heard some scary stories but if you are careful, you can meet the man of your dreams.

  2. Kjersti Says:

    Ever since Kevin, I have been doing the online dating. Hmm…I think it has been about six years now. When does one just give up? Actually, I still have hope. I just don’t count on the online meetings anymore. Living in HI makes meeting people in person difficult. Long flight, really expensive, and big risk.

  3. Aura Mae Says:

    @Kjersti: I haven’t used them myself, but from a purely pragmatic standpoint I would be inclined to only search an area geographically convenient! Maybe that makes me lazy.

  4. Kjersti Says:

    I tried searching only in my geographic location, but talk about limited! That is the reason I have accepted the fact that online dating for me is just a way to pass my time. I get to chat with them, but I know that it will only ever be chatting unless they have a trip already in the works. That wouldn’t make you lazy, it would make you realistic.

  5. Aura Mae Says:

    I think this is the part where I am supposed to give you crap for moving to a location with a small pool of eligible bachelors if your goal is to find a match. Perhaps Alaska would have more single men! (Although I know your family would rather have you in Washington!)

  6. There’s a joke that all the good single men have already been snatched quickly and whatever’s left goes on online dating sites. It may be a joke but the number of men using dating sites greatly outnumber the women in a lot of cases.

  7. Check out http://www.CasualDatePlace.net to find that special one. It has awesome reviews and breaks down the key features of many dating sites.

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