Sparkling Sangria

May 28, 2008

While at work Saturday I got a bee in my bonnet and decided I would make sangria to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.  I also pondered if such a thing could be made with sparkling wine.  A few minutes of googling found many recipes for Cava Sangria.  (Sangria is a Spanish beverage and Cava is the name for Spanish sparkling wine.)

As usual, I digested all of the recipes and devised my own version.  First step: text hubby to put some bubbly in the fridge.  He did, but I was surprised that I still had a $50 bottle of Moet in storage and that’s the one he put in.  I decided to save that for something else and used a $15 bottle instead.  (Many of the recipes called for a “cheap” bottle, but I didn’t want to try that this time.  Maybe next time we’ll try Cook’s.)

First stop after work: liquor store.  I don’t keep brandy on hand.  Boy howdy, the liquor store was packed!  Clearly people were planning for a long weekend of celebration.  As I perused my choices of Brandy, I was less than thrilled.  There seemed to be two choices.  Really cheap and really expensive.  I decided to go with the Calvados, liking the idea of it being made from apples, but unsure if the flavor would come through.

Next stop: Tacoma Boys for fruit & juice.  Straberries, nectarines (too early for good peaches) and fresh mint (which was hiding and causing me great frustration since this store was also very crowded!) The recipes had called for either white grape or orange juice (one called for lemon lime soda, yuk!) but I chose pear.

1 handful of mint leaves, torn

one nectarine, sliced

6 strawberries, sliced

8 oz Brandy

8 oz pear juice

1 bottle of chilled bubbly

Stir in the pitcher and serve over ice.

I made this batch with a rose sparkling, so the color is pinker than you will get if you use a white.

The drink improved in flavor as the evening progressed, so I made an additional batch of fruit, Brandy and juice and refrigerated it overnight to have Sunday.  (I am still pondering whether to add red or white to this batch.)

To be nice to my teenage daughter, I made her a glass with fruit, mint, pear juice and club soda.  She said it was “da bomb.”


4 Responses to “Sparkling Sangria”

  1. Aura Mae Says:

    This weekend’s delicious variation had papaya replacing the nectarines (half a papaya per batch…I always make two batches of fruit, juice and brandy at a time, then add the wine just before serving.)

    I am pondering using the immersion (stick) blender to puree the fruit, juice, brandy portion. I’ll let you know how/if that works.

    I am now out of brandy and will need a new bottle before experimenting further.

  2. Aura Mae Says:

    The puree experiment was a bust. The resulting beverage was tasty and intoxicating, but the bits of pulp and mint were less than palatable. Oh well. Live and learn.

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