Quitting your job – The real American dream?

May 27, 2008

I talk to lots of people who think that if they could quit their job, if they didn’t have to work, they would be happy.

Well, I’ve got news for you, kids.  There is value in WORK.  WORK is good for us and for our community.

I knew a guy once who didn’t have to work.  He had a trust fund that paid his expenses.  He didn’t live high on the hog (no jetting off to Paris for a spur of the moment weekend) but his monthly bills were paid.  He had a place to live, transportation, and the means to upkeep it all.  He did not work.  Mostly, he sat in front of the computer or game console.

Nirvana?  Not quite.  The problem with not “going to work” is that you miss out on things that make you an interesting person.  You don’t have anecdotes to share and you miss the opportunity to grow as a person because ot the interactions (good and bad) with others.

Instead of envying him his lifestyle, I found myself feeling sorry for him.  And being bored by him.  He never had any new material!

Next time you dream of winning the Lotto and telling the boss to “take this job and shove it,” remember that it’s called work for a reason, and it ain’t all bad.

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2 Responses to “Quitting your job – The real American dream?”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Good points Aura Mae. Don’t forget that when you don’t have work, your home life is the sole aim of your complaints. You may tend to nitpik the little things more. Not good for a happy life. :0)

  2. Josie Says:

    Wow, that’s exactly the opposite of what I (and anyone with personality) believe. Your friend wasn’t dull because he never worked, he was dull because he was dull. Life and personality don’t come from anecdotes. Interesting people are interesting because they have thoughts and souls, not because they WORK. That’s really insane logic you have going on there.

    Now perhaps for you or other people who enjoy their work, work isn’t a soul-killing waste of time. But do you really think the average drone working customer service at Wal-Mart is becoming a more interesting person for it? Certainly not. They’re becoming more dull and stupid every day, their mind and will being destroyed by their idiot bosses, the idiot customers, the idiot rules they have to follow and the tiny, idiot world they’re forced to live in. And nowadays in America, most jobs are customer service. Thought-draining, humor-killing, soul-sucking customer service.

    If you really think that work, even GOOD work like the type you have, is what gives people personality, then… well I don’t know what to say. Except that that’s pathetic and really not interesting at all. A person who cannot live and has no personality except for what they get while plugged into that petty little work environment? Ew. I’ll take the boring rich bum over that.

    You’re the kind of person who should be managing a McDonald’s and giving pep-talks to teenagers and telling them they should pursue a career in fast food. “Yeeeeah, it’s good for us and our community!!” Disgusting.

    I myself am at my most interesting and happy when I’m a jobless bum. That’s when I have the time and mental energy to devote to the things I really like: Such as art and writing. Or even going to school, which is sort of like work except that it doesn’t benefit the community. Not the way I do it, at least, which is just sitting there, sucking up all the knowledge I can get my hands on. And let’s not forget that most of history’s best artists and writers were either born rich so they never had to work or living in poverty because instead of working they were interested in creating something truly worthwhile. Something other than, you know, a new slogan for a Big Mac.

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