Upcoming trends in haircolor – or – NAHA finalists announced

May 16, 2008

I am tired of clients asking me what is new and trendy in haircolor and then dismissing my answer when I give it.

The trend in haircolor is toward the incorporation of colors that don’t naturally occur in human hair.

What ever.  Don’t listen to me.  What do I know?

How about the North American Hairdressing Awards?  Is that a reputable enough source for you?

You may recall that I assisted at a photo shoot for a friend who entered this competition.

I am sorry to say that his beautiful work did not make the finals.  And as I look at the finalists, I can see why.  His work was in a more traditional palette.  No blue.  No green.  No pink.

Click over here to see what the judges found appealing for 2008.

There are 5 finalists.  Clicking on their name will show you their entries.  There are six photos for each entrant.  These are three sets of before and afters.  (If you can’t tell which is the before and which is the after, I will have to smack you.)

If you would like to see the finalists in the other categories (like Student and Master Stylist) click around on the row above the bold HAIRCOLOR heading.

Now, when ever you are ready, we can book an appointment for you to get some of these trendy colors.  And yes, you can just dip your foot in the pool, you don’t have to dive in head first!

2 Responses to “Upcoming trends in haircolor – or – NAHA finalists announced”

  1. […] Upcoming trends in haircolor – or – NAHA finalists announced […]

  2. Eric Says:

    NAHA is a good place to get ideas for trends, but i would say 99% of the work are not styles that can be re done by the clients everyday.

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