Happy Mother’s Day – and thanks for the fat thighs.

May 5, 2008

I debated whether to put this under the Come Here So I Can Smack You heading, but I decided it was too sad.  Like many of you, I am shaped a lot like my mother.  And I am OK with that.  It is who I am.  Thank God I am not famous enough to have paparazzi and the attention of The Daily Mail.  I always felt sorry for Sarah Ferguson.  I was once the fat daughter-in-law (my former sister-in-law was a former model and ballerina) and it was never fun to be the ugly duckling in comparison to the beautiful swan.  I thought I understood how she might have felt when she got crap for not being as perfect as Diana.

So, now, here we are, a generation later, and it is Sarah’s daughter who gets the crap.  Very sad that we can’t let people decide for themselves whether they are happy with their body.

Bea, beach bodies and the thorny problem of the Mummy gene …

By AMANDA PLATELL – More by this author » Last updated at 23:49pm on 29th April 2008

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Princess Beatrice emerges beaming from the Caribbean Sea beside her boyfriend, Dave Clark, and the first impression is how in love they seem.

The second thought is how comfortable this comely 19-year-old is in her own skin – so at ease with her curves that she’s happy to be photographed in a skimpy blue bikini.

Thirdly, it hits you that a young woman can run, she can hide, but there’s no escaping The Curse Of The Mummy Gene.

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Fergie and Bea

Curvy: Fergie in St Tropez in 2001. Beatrice in St Barths this week

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11 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day – and thanks for the fat thighs.”

  1. ShabbyDoll Says:

    Let us be clear—these are thighs of normal women. We’ve been so conditioned to stick-women that these thighs seem enormous by comparison. Shame on you for contributing to the media tyranny over the war zone—that of women fighting to be accepted for their minds, talents and personalities BEFORE their appearance.

  2. Aura Mae Says:

    @ShabbyDoll: I think you missed the first paragraph where I mentioned that this was unkind and unfair and that everyone should be able to be OK with whatever size they are.

  3. poopy Says:

    NOT NORMAL, CHUNKY, now we are being reverse conditioned due to people being oversensitive, that this is ‘ normal. She needs to lose 25 pounds of thigh.

  4. Jon G. Says:

    What gets me is the assumption that men don’t like the mummy gene. We like hips and curves. It’s the women who seem bothered by them. I love them.

    • Jose Says:

      Me too!!! Here in Latin America we buy women by the pound… More is better (up to a point)Fergie and Beatrice are fine…

  5. Thin Thighs Says:

    ouch… if they’re happy with the way they are then i don’t think it’s any of our business to find fault in them..
    i think the reason why we like to criticize others is because of our own insecurities..
    but in a healthy living standpoint, it would be best for them to lose some thigh weight… just so you’re in the healthy side of things.. ;p
    Start living sexy now!

  6. DanMac Says:

    I like big women and I would like to stick my head in between their legs and lick them up and down. Then I would grab their asses and smack it while I watch the booty gigle. Looking at their picture makes me hard. Ahhh….Ahhh….Ahhh….I’m comming…I’m comming….Droping loads.

  7. kacy Says:

    i think Beatrice has quite a nice shap to her and her stomach is rather flat. i think she is just fine the was she is.

  8. i would also love to have those beach bodies, i really envy cut abs and six packs’-~

  9. lucky Says:

    yes me to its big long way

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