The Harmon Hub

March 31, 2008

harmon hub

The Harmon Brewery & Restaurant is close to our hearts because we like the food (favorites are fish & chips and the coconut prawns) and the beer and because it is directly beneath our feet.  It is very nice to have a restaurant near the salon.  I use it as place to hold meetings with vendors or prospective employees as well as a place to have a drink at the end of the day.  (I like the Bartender’s Margarita.)

Saturday Carrie and I went to the Friends and Family opening (pictures here) of their new venture, The Harmon Hub.  Be sure to visit them if you like wood fired pizza with a paper thin crust.  (Read the whole menu here.)  Carrie had the salmon appetizer and I had the caprese sandwich, both of which were darn tasty!  We also enjoyed a few more of their Margarita Fresca (fresh juice…very limey…yum!) than we should have.  Next time we’ll take a cab.

Read a more thorough review from Ed’s Diner here.

See you there soon!

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