Hairdressers: Be on TV! Split Ends is holding auditions

March 20, 2008

If you haven’t seen Split Ends, you need to catch it on the Style Network (watch some clips here).

The premise? Take two hairdressers from wildly different salons and make them swap for a few days. Sample comments? “There’s no assistant? Does that mean I have to do my own shampoos? But I’ll get my rings dirty!” I watched all of the first season and came away with an interesting observation. Unlike other “fish out of water” shows (The Simple Life, etc.) what makes this interesting is that hairdressers are often “pleasers” by nature. If you throw them in a strange environment, they might piss and moan for a bit, but they will more than likely do their best to adjust and fit in.

This is the only salon-based reality show on which our salon would be willing to appear. Yesterday we were trying to convince Jonathan to audition. If you are interested in spending a week working in a salon that differs greatly from yours, click on over here to get the info on how to audition.


7 Responses to “Hairdressers: Be on TV! Split Ends is holding auditions”

  1. haireality Says:

    this looks familiar….


  3. my name is joshua mansfield , I am 24 years old .I own a hair salon in Ga, on St.Simons island and I would love to be on the tv show split ends.


    We had heard that your show was in Branson Mo. checking out local salons and we were wondering if it was too late to get on the list. We are a beautiful 5,000 sq. ft. salon and spa. Hope its not too late!

  5. B. Adams Says:

    Would a 2 chair salon with 1 stylist be enough to audition for split ends?

  6. Aura Mae Says:

    People, I am not the casting director! I am a salon owner, just like you.

    To get more info, follow the links in the article.

    I have seen them do a one chair salon.

    They want an interesting story and interesting people.

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