Photos of the Atlanta tornado damage

March 16, 2008

Eustacia tornado

My friend, client and photographer, Eustacia Mahoney, up and moved to Atlanta (to further her career or something equally selfish.)  I image that living a life in the Pacific Northwest does little to prepare a person for a tornado; but ever the intrepid investigative photographer, she chronicled the aftermath in her neighborhood for us.  These photos remind me to be grateful that I live in a place where things like this are unlikely to occur.

Just a quick note with link to some photos I took yesterday after Friday’s tornado.  Living in the South is far from boring.  I’m okay, no damage to my place only some debris to pick up in the yard.  I certainly feel blessed as not all in my neighborhood were so lucky.  My only inconvenience was just over 24 hours without power.  The sound of that tornado coming down my street is certainly not one I will EVER forget.

You can see more photos here.

One Response to “Photos of the Atlanta tornado damage”

  1. You are very brave for reporting this. The Pentagon is seeding clouds and using other climate-affecting technology to cause destructive weather “events” such as these. The goal is to keep us in fear and eventually to sequester us in FEMA concentration camps. I think the one in your area is at Fort. Gillem. We must expose these corrupt and evil men.

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