More advice for small salon owners – SBA resources

March 13, 2008

The Small Business Administration has come a long way since I first looked to them for help when I started my salon.  Now they are all about the internet and there are LOADS of resources and TONS of information there.  Not a bad place to start if you are in the “Should I open my own salon?” stage of planning.

There is a great article at Small Biz Trends that breaks down what is available and where to find it online.

Remember, there is no reason to feel alone when starting a business.  You are not the first one to do it and there is no shame in taking advice and assistance from people who have blazed the trail before you.  Save yourself some headaches and read up before you jump in, or use their resources to re-focus if your existing business has drifted off course.


2 Responses to “More advice for small salon owners – SBA resources”

  1. doyouneedawebsite Says:

    That is a good tip, the SBA has gotten much more informative over the years.

    ATP Inc – Do You Need A Website

  2. SalonProfit Says:

    Your local library offers an array of information, from business start-up, marketing and innovation.

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