Another unexpected bacon recipe

March 10, 2008

Continuing with the theme of “you put bacon in that?” I have StumbledUpon this recipe via Tastespotting.

How do you think this would taste with the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Feel free to taunt me with your comments. I can take it.

Candied Bacon Ice Cream

March 9, 2008
Bacon Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like bacon and eggs?

Ok, maybe vegans. And folks who are kosher. And people who don’t eat eggs. Or those who don’t like bacon. But I’m not sure that’s possible. (I have a great bacon joke, but it’s not ‘pc’, so I’d better keep it to myself.)

I’m a big fan of both bacon and the beautiful, bright-orange yolked eggs we get in France, so why confine them to breakfast? I was pretty sure Candied Bacon Ice Cream would work. I mean, it’s got salt. It’s got smoke. So why not candy it? Inspired by Michael Ruhlman, l wanted to see what would happened when they all got together.

Read the rest of the recipe here.

Read all the way to the bottom for links to other odd bacon recipes.


3 Responses to “Another unexpected bacon recipe”

  1. sarah Says:

    this bacon craze is …well…crazy, isn’t it? bacon cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, “cups”…not sure how much our arteries can handle

  2. I still think it’s all nuts! (ba-doom-boom)

  3. Aura Mae Says:

    Ooh! Nuts! Add some candied pecan chips to this and it would be even better!

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