And this is why I am not busy working in Columbus today

March 9, 2008

snow dogcolumbus airport snow

I tried to work this weekend.

I got up in the dark. I left the house by 4:00 AM. I made it through security and got to my gate before the plane to Chicago began to board.

But something happened while I was in the air.

Record breaking snowfall of 20 inches had all flights in and out of Columbus canceled. I discovered this when I turned on my phone as we taxied to the gate in Chicago. There was a message from Aunt Cindy (who lives in Canton and was coming to meet me tonight) saying my Chicago to Columbus flight had been canceled.

I landed in the K wing of O’Hare and marched straight away to the American Airlines Admiral’s Club lounge. (Thank you American Express! Like they say, membership has it’s privileges!) In peace and tranquility I talked with an agent who informed me that there were no flights Saturday or Sunday (Saturday’s were canceled and Sunday’s were full…most likely with people who were scheduled on Saturday!) They could, however, get me to Dayton, which (they told me) was 71 miles away.

Driving 71 miles in a blizzard in a rental car did not sound appealing, but I was not going to Columbus for fun, rather for work. So, a phone call to the boss was in order. He informed me that not only was I unable to get in, but so was the other colorist coming in from Nashville. And, because the snow had also made driving difficult, the salon chose to cancel the event. Makes sense to me. I am told to skip Ohio and try to get home.

American did have a flight leaving four hours later back to Sea-Tac. The agent apologized. I was grateful that they had something the same day and that I wouldn’t have to stay the night in Chicago. I was grateful that I could spend the time waiting in the calm of the lounge instead of out in the crowed chaos of the airport with all the other travelers who’s flights were affected. I was grateful that the event had been canceled and that I wasn’t going to be known as the loser educator who can’t get a flight in.

The traveler next to me was stunned that his flight to La Guardia had been canceled and wanted to know why. He was not satisfied with the answer of “weather.”

I laughed. As you know, being pissy never helps a situation. Did he think if he griped enough, the agent would change the weather?

For the record, I almost always fly in my favorite Get Some Hairapy t-shirt, and yesterday was no exception.


It always gets me lots of smiles and positive comments. You can buy yours here. 


One Response to “And this is why I am not busy working in Columbus today”

  1. getting over it Says:

    aura mae,
    hello! i’ve really appreciated your advice and comments on my “secret” blog. i love your mission statement too! you’re a great hairapist. 🙂

    btw. i like your no nonsense approach to life…time does go by too quickly to wallow!

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