Two things you need to know if you are ever asked to be a hair model

March 6, 2008

hair show tears

These photos are from America’s Top Model.

In my two decades of doing hair, I have been to many a hair show. I have attended, assisted and presented. In these capacities, I have been a witness to many crying models. This morning I read a post from someone who’s experience as a hair model did not meet her expectations. Depending on your perspective, you will find it either sad or funny. You can read it here.

If you are a civilian (not a professional paid model that has been hired for the show) here are some things you need to know:

Prepare to be bored. Bring a book or a video game. There is a ton of down time during show prep.

For example, here’s the time line for the even I am doing on Sunday (and it is a tiny event!)

11:00 Model Call
4:00 – 6:30 Stage Presentation

7 1/2 hours is a long time to sit and have nothing to do. The hairdressers will be busy and can’t entertain you. Plan wisely.

You must be open to anything. Yes, you heard me. Anything. Don’t walk in and say “You can do anything as long as you leave the length.” or “I just want my highlights touched up!” The person doing your hair is there to demonstrate a specific technique for the audience. What you want is of little importance. A kind Guest Artist will consult with you first and if you aren’t open to what they have in mind, they will ask you to leave. Not all are so kind. And that is why some models end up in tears. You might spend the next two months getting your hair back to the way you like it, but the Artist has moved on and forgotten you even exist.

I know this sounds harsh. But better you listen to me now than end up crying in the model room later.

The comment section is open for any heart-wrenching (or hilarious) stories you would like to share.


4 Responses to “Two things you need to know if you are ever asked to be a hair model”

  1. kturn Says:

    lol…. that was my story you linked to!

    I’d definitely say it’s more funny than sad, but still…. I do wish I had my hair back.

    I’m just glad I can “fake it” for a few months.

    Good advice, though 🙂

    I’ll never do it again!

  2. haireality Says:

    Hey Kturn..don’t fret..get extensions!

  3. […] So, Sunday in Seattle for the model call (that’s where the models come to be screened and consulted so that we can build the show around them.)  These were all volunteer models that come from a craigslist post.  In stark contrast to many platform artists I have seen over the years, my group will go out of their way to please the models.  We want no crying here! […]

  4. i was dreaming of becoming a hair model someday. i hope that i can be one of the best someday.

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