One of the reasons our political process makes me sad

March 6, 2008

Why must it take so long and cost so much to campaign?

Every time I read a headline about the latest record breaking campaign fund-raising, I wonder what we could buy with all that money. The numbers have gotten so large that they are obscene, and somehow we seem to be numb to them.

I am feeling a little disheartened by my country and the priorities we have. We (the people and our companies) donate millions to get our favorite in charge and it seems a bit like gambling. There is no guarantee that the candidate that we support will vanquish all the others, but yet, the dollars flow in to try to help.

Sometimes when I have a big handbag, I put more things into it because I have the space to spare. Do you think the campaigns spend so much just because they have it to spare? More ads. More signs. And it’s still the primaries!

I just can’t help but wonder how many months of health insurance we could get for $55 million.

And don’t think for a minute that I am picking on one team more than another. I have enough malaise to spread around equally.

Feel free to explain to me why I should feel differently.


4 Responses to “One of the reasons our political process makes me sad”

  1. thegreatgeno Says:

    All of the extra money spent on primaries really helped the profits of the TV stations, allowing the writer’s strike to end a little more quickly. That’s worth a lack of health insurance, right??


    Well, I tried.

  2. David Says:

    Simply put It is as I have written before “SUPPRESSION OF THE OPPOSING” to keep the little guy out the other parties and preserve the monopoly of the current two parties, our health is the least of their worries, they have no health insurance or retirement problems.

  3. finkenwalde Says:

    We could actually learn something from the French. Every candidate in France must use only public funds – there is no special interest money. In addition, the television networks are legally mandated to give ALL candidates equal time. That means equal commercials and equal new coverage. And the verify it down to the minute. What would our political process look like if it was really about ideas and plans, and not money?

  4. I saw an article saying that Ron Paul was thinking of dropping out. I FORGOT HE WAS IN THE RACE. Crazy.

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