Making peace with the hair you have

February 22, 2008

straight hair curly hair

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Many of us spend the early years of our lives wishing we had someone else’s hair. Mine was straight and fine and stringy. In third grade my mother grew tired of listening to me whine that it hurt when she combed it (Me: It hurts! Mother: Oh, it does not. Stop whining or I’ll give you something to cry about.) and cut it off and I got my first perm of many.

One of my co-workers had curly hair in the hippy-like B.P. era (Before Product). She has many frightening pictures of this time.

In the salon, we have come to believe that it takes most women some serious time to make peace with their hair. Into their thirties, usually. I find it so sad that we waste those years (when we are the cutest we will ever be!) bemoaning our imperfections rather than embracing our beauty.

My female child seems to have a fine opinion of her hair (wearing it curly some days and straightening it on others) and seems not to care what other people’s opinions are about her personal style. I think that’s pretty good for a teenager, and may or may not have anything to do with having a hairdresser for a mother and unlimited access to hair product and tools.

I read a touching post this morning from a woman who was learning to make peace with her hair (and her Self.) Check it out.


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