The backlash against happiness – from Persistent Illusion

February 20, 2008

Well, you just can’t please some people. It seems there is a bit of a counter-movement against the pursuit of happiness. My friend Hayden over at Persistent Illusion has written a response. Click over and read it. And if you agree with these miserable sots who think happiness is a waste of time, let me know and then take your grumpy self somewhere else!

For the record, I have been happy and I have been miserable. Happy is better.

Happiness: Enough Already

February 20, 2008 her_sadness_by_oloferla.jpgThe happiness backlash has begun. “Against Happiness” can now be found in bookstores, while “Rethinking Happiness” is winging its way to one in the next several months.

Written by men who attempted to ‘get with the program’ and get happy, their failure – they believe – is a function of the flawed nature of our existence and not, one might conjecture, their own fault.

Read the rest of the article here.


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