35 year old man tells us – 20 things I wish I had known…

February 18, 2008

As we get get older, (with any luck) we get wiser. As the parent of two teenagers, I am constantly trying to give them perspective on the things in their life that seem SO IMPORTANT right now. (It is exhausting!) Perhaps if someone else gives shares the perspective that comes from having lived through some events, they might listen. (Mother is an idiot, after all, and knows nothing.)

Click over to Zen Habits to see the full list of twenty.

Number 15 is my personal favorite (surprise!)

15. Forget the drama. Focus on being happy. There have been many things that have happened to me, professionally and personally, that seem like the end of the world. And while these things were bad, they get blown up in our heads so that they become major drama. They caused me to be depressed from time to time. What a waste of time. If I realized that it was all in my head, and that I could be happy instead if I focused on the positive, on what I did have, and what I could be doing … I could have skipped all the moping about.


9 Responses to “35 year old man tells us – 20 things I wish I had known…”

  1. CordieB Says:

    We learn and forget this time and time again. After a while, we do get better; but yet we still regress. Peace . . .

  2. sridhar yenumula Says:

    good suggestion

  3. rich Says:

    Hey, there. I’m turning 35 also and understand some of your points. But for some of these it sounds more like you’re turning 50 instead of 35.

    • Andrew Says:

      Your an idiot!!!! Why are you putting this man down, just because he has wised up and you haven’t.

      • rich Says:

        Why, thank you Andrew.
        Although, I am now 2 years older than when I wrote this post, hence more the wiser!

  4. Shari Says:

    I’m a 40year old woman, and I am definitely at that stage now.. Fighting it, but realizing it it’s not worth it.



  6. Toby Says:

    You can give advice to younger people but they´re going to find out in their own way sooner or later anyhow. All you can give them is nice and inspiring stories. Trying to take away their chances of making their own mistakes and learning from them, or thinking you can provoke the way they think and feel for the better, is actually kind of cruel. We can never tell anybody how to be or what to think, we can only tell them how we are and what we think. The only true knowledge and experience that comes with age, if it comes at all, is the insight that age does not matter in the slightest, it is but a number, and here we still are feeling the same joys and sorrows, we smell the same things, taste and feel. The only thing that matters is if we enjoy it. As we get older we have the responsibility towards the young to be honest about these things and open to their views and own personal evolvement. This does not mean hiding and not sharing our own thoughts and experiences. But embracing theirs.

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