Is it possible to suffer from HIGH self-esteem?

February 8, 2008

My husband was in the Phoenix airport and saw a man that looked alarmingly like my brother who lives in Houston. He wasn’t sure it was him and didn’t want to look foolish walking up to a stranger if it wasn’t him.

Here is the back and forth dialog of me trying to see if it was, indeed, my brother in the airport:

Me: Hey! Any chance you are in the Phoenix airport? Al says he sees a guy who looks just like you.

Brother: Nope. I’m not there. But what a lucky guy!

Me: Is it a burden to be so handsome AND so humble?

Brother: It is, but I can handle it.

If someone said they saw someone who looked like me, I would be amused at the coincidence. It would never occur to me to think that the person who looked like me was lucky to do so. Perhaps we can all borrow some of my brother’s self-esteem on the days when we don’t feel fabulous.

I think he can spare it.


One Response to “Is it possible to suffer from HIGH self-esteem?”

  1. Hysterical. Can I post that exchange on PI?

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