You are pink and I am yellow

January 21, 2008

As a haircolorist (if you want to put the most flattering color on your clients) it is important to be able to determine skin tone. I thought I’d give you an illustration of the difference between warm and cool. Feel free to vote: Who is pink, Jessee (left) or Aura (right)?

jessee and aura

Now, I am not saying that you must always put cool colors on cool skinned clients, but if you want to give them a warm color, you might want to incorporate some cool tones around the face to make it look like the color belongs on the client, and not like they are in costume.

And always remember what the Ziploc® people have taught us: yellow and blue make green!

(While I do occasionally have clients who want green hair, no one wants green skin!)

One Response to “You are pink and I am yellow”

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