Think it’s cold where you are?

January 21, 2008

It has been a weird season.  Who expects snow in Baghdad and in Atlanta?

This is not a rant about Global Warming, just an introduction to a video of place where it gets REALLY cold.  My husband’s family is from Newfoundland.  (It’s in Canada, NE of the US state of Maine and SW of Greenland.)  I traveled there a couple of years ago (in the summer because I am not a moron!) and tried to imagine the terrain (which resembled the Pacific Northwest US where I live) transformed by winter’s ice and snow.  The bay where I watched people sailing becomes ice-bound in the coldest months.  There are icebergs just off the coast in the North Atlantic that they harvest to make Iceberg Vodka.

Get the idea?  Really frigging cold!

This video shows what happens when wind and tide move water with a layer of ice on top.  Bundle up and enjoy!


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