What’s in the slow cooker today?

January 15, 2008

braised chicken

Lazy Rustic Chicken

Rub cleaned chicken with olive oil

Sprinkle generously with Kosher salt

Sprinkle generously with Herbs de Provence (thanks to the client who brought it back from the Provence farmer’s market!)

Cut the following into large hunks:

1 sweet onion (we have Walla Walla sweets here)

1 apple (this one is a Honey Crisp)

2 carrots

1 bunch of celery

Lay the celery on the bottom of the pot.

Shove some of the veggies inside the bird.

Lay the bird on the celery.

Shove the rest of the veggies into the pot around the chicken.

Pour leftover Pinot Grigio (bought it for the mother-in-law when she was visiting and she didn’t like it) up to about 1/3 the height of the bird.

Set the pot to low.

When the smell gets too enticing and you can’t take it anymore, have an apple to tide you over.

I cook all meat in the slow cooker until it falls off the bone.

When I serve the chicken, I will throw all the bones and skin back into the pot and simmer it to make stock.



4 Responses to “What’s in the slow cooker today?”

  1. That looks delcious! I’m wanting to try it.

  2. grr. *delIcious*
    must. get. coffee.

  3. […] 3 cups of chicken stock (or broth) and one can of Niblets (or other super sweet corn in water) to a simmer.  Sprinkle in 1 […]

  4. Donna Says:

    Sounds delicious. I’ve never tried cooking chicken with an apple.

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