Candidates woo black women voters at salons

January 14, 2008

Michael Henninger for The New York Times

Clara Vereen, who runs a beauty shop in Loris, S.C., said of a possible black president, “I fear that they just would kill him.”





I was watching TV this weekend and was excited to hear of
another instance of salons in the mainstream press: candidates in
South Carolina are focusing on salons in attempt to persuade women voters.

Many people believe that women will be the key to this year’s election
of our president. Where better to target women than in the community
space where they can “let their hair down?”

In salons across America, hairdressers are asking their clients “is
there a candidate that excites you?”

Read the NY Times article.

Hairdressers should feel empowered to know that the salon is more than just a place where customers exchange money for goods and services; in many
places it is the seat and soul of a community.


3 Responses to “Candidates woo black women voters at salons”

  1. How often do you guys discuss politics?

  2. Aura Mae Says:

    We talk about things that are timely, interesting and important just as much as we talk about things that are silly, entertaining and distracting. I would say it is a toss up. More political talk during election seasons (local and national) for sure. Perhaps men who don’t hang out at the salon are surprised by this. Have you never seen Steel Magnolias? Life happens at the salon. Some women have relationships with their hairdresser that last longer than their marriages. We must be talking about something more important than Britney. 🙂

  3. […] in the press When I read about the political pollsters hanging out in salons, I emailed my friend Mary Atherton at Modern Salon.  She has posted about it in this month’s […]

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