Britney’s life is a wreck and you’re mad at Dr. Phil? Seriously?

January 10, 2008

We aren’t ashamed to tell you that sometimes the conversation in the salon turns to celebrity gossip.

We subscribe to a broad selection of magazines. Cooking, decorating, travel, fashion and trash. The trash is often the most read.  I guess the salon is a safe place to read a gossip rag without the shame of you having to buy it.

So, the saga of Britney Spears. This train has wrecked more times than I thought a train could wreck. Most recently she has found herself in the hospital for a mental health observation and without rights to visit her kids.  (Are we surprised by anything she does now?)

So, in walks the tough shrink. At the request of her family, he says, and wants to help.  Now the family (and mental health professionals) have complained that the doctor with the TV show talked to reporters about her health.  This surprises you?

Let me go out on a limb here and suggest that at this point, her health is more important than her privacy.

Of course she needs an intervention!  The child has gone bat-shit crazy!

Someone has to help her and the people around her have not been able to do so.  If it takes a little public embarrassment to get her some help, then so be it. She has done plenty to embarrass herself in the past few years.

How loudly does someone have to cry for help? Let’s hope she gets help while she can still afford it.  Health care, mental or physical, isn’t cheap! 


2 Responses to “Britney’s life is a wreck and you’re mad at Dr. Phil? Seriously?”

  1. I was actually hoping Dr. Phil could get through to her and that maybe the show would be like “Here’s Your Life”.

  2. finkenwalde Says:

    I feel bad for her. She is an addict spiraling out of control and needs real help. Not a TV shaman.

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