Did you have any idea that hair could be used in so many ways?

January 8, 2008

FLORIDA CITY, Fla. —  Walking into the small Florida City warehouse, Blair Blacker pauses to survey the towering pyramid of canvas bundles, each about the size of a punching bag, that contain the stock-in-trade of his business: human hair.

About 15 tons of it on a recent day, imported from China, neatly pressed into mats and ready to ship to farmers and nursery growers who swear by the horticultural benefits of Blacker’s hairy wares.

“If you had told me when I was flying combat helicopters in Vietnam that one day I’d be sitting on 30,000 pounds of human hair,” said Blacker, a retired Army colonel-turned-entrepreneur, “I’d have said you were crazy.”

Read the rest of the article here.

I warn you, this article may be disturbing to some of you.  Others may find pleasure in the lack of waste.  I am a big fan of reduce, re-use, recycle, but hair as food?  Oh man!  It’s the same feeling I got when I learned that they re-used deep-fry fat in some lipsticks.  Maybe I don’t need to know everything.


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