New Year brings changes in the products carried at Azarra

December 27, 2007

After a decade an a half as an Aveda Concept Salon, we found ourselves pondering if that was still who we wanted to be.

This summer we auditioned a number of product lines to see if there was something that we could offer you that was fresh and exciting and fit in with our salon culture. Once we decided to add products that were not Aveda, we had the opportunity to decide which, if any, of the Aveda product domains we wanted to keep. We pulled reports to show us what we sold and what we didn’t and we have come to a place where choices could logically be made.  Shelf life of many products is limited and if we aren’t selling them fast enough, they sit on the shelf and may not be up to Aveda’s quality standards by the time they make it home with you.  No one wants that!

We are keeping the Aveda hair care domain (shampoo, conditioner & styling product) since that is what we consistently sell and can guarantee.

Since we have inventory of the other domains left on hand, we will be offering them at clearance prices. Now is the time to get any skin care, body care (we have been told we can keep ordering Hand Relief, so that item is not on clearance at this time), make-up or candles. The clearance products are all 45% off while supplies last.  We will continue to have travel sizes available, so they are also not priced for clearance.

In addition to the Aveda haircare, we have the full line of Brocato hair products. We also have a few specialty items from Goldwell and Imunal by Kadus, an elite European hair care line.

If you want Aveda products that we will not be stocking, you can get them in town at Foxfire or order them online directly from Aveda.


2 Responses to “New Year brings changes in the products carried at Azarra”

  1. Todd Schmidt Says:

    I have been thinking about going back to Aveda.We left during the buy out, we called them Aveda bin-ladden at that time. Would you mind telling me why you are not Concept any longer? I am trying to focus on one brand again. One that is not diverted to the grocery stores. Any comments would be appreciated.Thank you…

  2. Aura Mae Says:

    I have chosen to speak with Todd via email so that we can discuss his questions in more depth. (I didn’t want anyone to think I was ignoring his question.)

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