How important is your salon to you?

December 27, 2007

I read an article this morning in the Tribune that got me thinking.Women in Iraq have to visit the salon in secret, and yet, they go.

When I was visiting my husband’s family in Newfoundland, I was surprised to see that, even in this place whose economy was struggling, an abundance of salons and a large number of women with haircolor that had obviously been done in-salon.

I find it intriguing that women will find a way to have beauty services done, even if it involves financial hardship or actual danger.

What do you think that says about human nature, women, and the beauty industry as it pertains to society?

I have long preached the fact that what I do has value, that the act of helping someone look good has a deeper impact, and that the personal connection that happens between hairdresser and client transcends the physical act of grooming.

Feel free to agree or disagree. I might be too close to the situation to be able to understand. I’d like to hear what clients think.

And hairdressers, would you still do your job if it involved death threats?


4 Responses to “How important is your salon to you?”

  1. My hair is so short that I just buzz mine with clippers and the occasional use of the scissors. I can tell you that I have a VERY good relationship with my ‘stylist’!

  2. […] unknown article is brought to you using rss feeds.The latest breaking celebrity gossip news.A hairdresser trims a young woman’s locks in a salon where ladies gather to primp and catch up on gossip in a Shiite-dominated neighborhood in eastern Baghdad, Iraq on Sunday, Dec. 23, 2007. The neighborhood is considered relatively … […]

  3. Sawyer Gillmer Says:

    Living on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, I was fortunate that my home was minimally impacted and most importantly, my salon was fine and up and running as soon as utilities were restored. I had a scheduled appointment shortly thereafter and my stylist told me how astonished she was that women who had literally lost everything (many had nothing left but a concrete slab) were making new – and keeping previously scheduled – appointments. They may have had nothing left, but the normality of going to the salon, the camaraderie of the stylists and other clients, helped to bolster their morale and make life just a little more bearable.

    Hats off to the strong women of Iraq!

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