Free Online Classes (from real colleges!)

December 21, 2007

I am one of the many Americans who, when I fill out forms, have to check the box that says “some college.”  It is my eternal shame that I am degree-less and my father has four!  Most people who spend two years at community college get at least an Associates Degree, but not Aura.  I was too bust changing my major to accrue enough of the required credits.

I have always told my daughter that when she went to college, I was going with her (but only if she went to NYU!)  As that day draws closer, it has become painfully clear that neither of us will be unpacking our boxes in a Manhattan dorm room in this decade.

I once looked at taking some online courses and was aghast at the costs.  And this from a place with no brick buildings!

I was delighted today to read this list of FREE online courses.

I am pretty sure you don’t accrue credits with free courses, but it seems like a great was to stick my toe in the water before diving in and giving them a wad of money!


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