What every young woman needs to learn from the Natalee Holloway case

December 18, 2007

Natalee Holloway

Today they closed the case on Natalee. What happened to her may never be known to us, but there are some critical lessons young women can learn from her tragedy.

1. Don’t get so drunk that you get stupid. My best “am I drinking too much?” advice: When you are really feeling great and having a good time, STOP DRINKING! You will continue to get more drunk from the alcohol already in your system. More drinks are not necessary and could lead to trouble or embarrassment. Remember, there is nothing pretty about a drunk girl. Don’t believe me? YouTube has about 8000 videos of drunk girls.

2. If you go somewhere with friends, leave with friends. There is safety in numbers. If something happens to you and your pals are around, they can help you out.

3. Never let your drunk friend leave with strangers. It is too easy to take advantage of a drunk girl. Your friend might not disappear, but she might find herself dealing with regrets when she sobers up. If your friend meets a cute boy, get his number and have her call him the next day.


13 Responses to “What every young woman needs to learn from the Natalee Holloway case”

  1. I couldn’t believe her friends left her.

    • Mary Lembi Says:

      Natalie: Wanted to have a good time, it shows me, she really
      was real drunk and druged, I personally would never let my child, go with
      other girls out to another country, Also she like to drink! and what happened to her was horrible! She was immature in her
      thinking! As for Joran, his late Dad, and friends planned to get
      rid of Natalie’s body! And Joran’s old man, died with the truth!

  2. Observer Says:

    Although you probably mean well you have no clue about Natalee Holloway. She was drugged,raped and murdered. Who the hell said she was drunk? Certainly not her classmates who saw her last.

    Get your facts straight and learn about the case please. If you are going to reccomend any advice..Maybee you should suggest never go to Aruba,where if you are raped and murdered you will never see justice,never get a burial and rest assured you will be slandered and attacked by the Aruba Govt and there tourism groups.

    • Mary Lembi Says:

      This is America, this internet, put’s out people’s thought’s
      What’s a matter! Can’t you understand! everyone has a right
      to state, what comes across from this story, Yes I never meant
      Natalie, have you? You better think about what you say?
      You accuse me! and I know now you are narrow minded!

  3. Aura Mae Says:

    Whatever the details, I stand by my suggestions. It’s a scary world and young people have historically suffered from an invincible life view. We are all sorry for the pain and anguish suffered by friends and family of a girl we never met. Our prayers are with you.

  4. Chrissy Says:

    To persistentillusion…. I must reply…Yes, it would have been much better if her Friends had not left her. But, please, Let us not blame her Friends for God’s sake. Blame the people who harmed the girl. The Dutch prosecution has said on more than one occasion that the three suspects they had in custody multiple times are responsible. Joran Van Der Sloot and the two Kalpoe Brothers, Deepak and Satish. What every young woman needs to learn from Natalee Holloway’s case, is Do Not Go To Aruba. Do not go to any of these Islands where they just protect their own, Do Not Go!!

  5. Rik Says:

    He Aura you look a little bit like Uggly Betty.

  6. Aura Mae Says:

    Rik, I am unsure how to take that! I am going to assume you mean I resemble the attractive actress who plays Betty in the US, not the rough-around-the-edges character with bad teeth and hair. It’s better for my self-esteem!

  7. Jody Says:

    Natalee’s friends were not responsible for her. Natalee was the one who chose to drink herself to death. Her friends had already tried to stop her from drinking so much. I am sure they saw early on that the girl, like her mother, doesn’t listen to anyone and thinks she is always right.

    I am sick of hearing Beth Twitty blame everyone else. She needs to admit that Natalee made some very poor choices while on Aruba and stop lying.

  8. DavidLeVack Says:

    Hey Observer, there are cited sources that say

    “Police Commissioner Gerold Dompig, who would head the investigation from mid-2005 until 2006, described the behavior of the Mountain Brook students, stating there was “wild partying, a lot of drinking, lots of room switching every night. We know the Holiday Inn told them they weren’t welcome next year. Natalee, we know, she drank all day every day. We have statements she started every morning with cocktails—so much drinking that Natalee didn’t show up for breakfast two mornings”.[30] Two of Holloway’s classmates, Liz Cain and Claire Fierman, “agreed that the drinking was kind of excessive”.[33]”

    Chances are she died of poisoning and the spineless weasels fed her to sharks.

    And I’m with Aura. I am often a stranger at a bar that has on many occasions had to defend and take care of young women abandoned by her friends. One night I sat next to a girl outside a bar for four hours while she was vaguely lucid so that nothing bad would happen to her, till her friends came back and realized she was not with them. My conscience would not allow me to just go home. I’d rather lay in the cold of a San Jose night on cement, then lie comfortably in my warm bed of apathy. I’d prefer to have strong foresight, than lax regret hindsight.

    and luckily, after that incident, the girl I had sat next to realized how bad things could of been, and changed directions.

  9. RSanders Says:

    Aruba is beautiful! Definitely will visit it again, for the fifth time.

    I think the message on this web page is valid, no matter how many times Natalee got drunk off her keester…ladies, there’s safety in numbers. Don’t go out alone, don’t leave with a stranger. On top of that, don’t do it drunk at a nightclub after midnight in a foreign country.

    Blame the country for her lack of discretion? Get real.

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