Aura puts her foot in it

December 14, 2007

It was bound to happen.  I plow into this blogosphere with great intentions and bugger it all up.

Here’s the seedy tale.

I found a really great article about a bacon cookie recipe.  I posted it on my bog, stating that it and other great recipes could be found at

Then I got readers.  By their comments, I determined that they believed this was MY recipe.  I tried to clear it up and just made things worse (go figure!)

I asked a blogger friend what was the proper protocol on linking to other authors and he thought I was accusing the original author of plagiarism.  On my behalf, he very kindly wrote a letter to the original author asking her to cease and desist before I could explain myself to him.  (Yikes!)

I have emailed an apology to the author. 

I am prepared for all the comments on what a moron I am.

I read lots of articles about how to blog, and I have never seen this topic come up. 

Feel free to direct me to more helpful information!

3 Responses to “Aura puts her foot in it”

  1. Muffin Says:

    Its ok! Like you said, it was bound to happen! *smile* I’m just glad you cleared it up!

    P.S. I was actually reading about blog etiquette the other day, and apparently the proper protocol is to use 2 or less photos plus a snippet of the words (like a paragraph) and then clearly link to the original post using the title given ON the original post. I guess you’re also supposed to contact the original author prior to posting the info and photos, but no one does that. hehe..

    Don’t worry, everything is subjective. I moderate the comments on my blog, and when I saw the apology, rather than cause any confusion and embarassment, I just opted out of accepting the comments. So as far as any of my regular readers know, no one accused anyone of anything. hehe..

    I’m glad you tried the cookies and liked them though! I’m also glad you caught the humor in them. Bacon is my favourite funny food.

  2. Mission accomplished — Sweet!

  3. GeekPornGirl Says:

    Wow. I was trying to following the blogger’s rights issue here, but I keep getting caught on the phrase “bacon cookie recipe”. There’s this candy bar called Mo’s Bacon Bar that is milk chocolate and crispy bacon, and I thought that was the ultimate PMS special until I thought about bacon cookies, warm from the oven, washed down with chocolate milk!

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